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Chuma IS, Batamuzi EK, Collins DA, Fyumagwa RD, Hallmaier-Wacker LK, Kazwala RR,
Keyyu JD, Lejora IA, Lipende IF, Lüert S, Paciência FMD, Piel A, Stewart FA, Zinner D,
Roos C, Knauf S (in press)
Treponema pallidum infection is widespread in nonhuman primates in Tanzania
Emerging Infectious Diseases

Fischer J (in press)
Primate Cognition: From the field into the lab and back
In: N Bueno-Guerra, F Amici (eds)
Field and Laboratory Methods in Animal Cognition: A Comparative Guide
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Gutema TM, Atickem A, Bekele A, Sillero-Zubiri C, Kasso M, Tsegaye D, Venkataraman VV, Fashing PJ, Zinner D, Stenseth NS (in press)
Competition between sympatric wolf taxa: an example involving African and Ethiopian wolves
Royal Society Open Science

Ordóñez-Gómez JD, Santillán-Doherty AM, Fischer J, Hammerschmidt K (in press)
Acoustic variation of spider monkeys’ contact calls (whinnies) is related to distance between vocalizing individuals and immediate caller behavior
American Journal of Primatology  - abstract -

Roos C, Liedigk R, Thinh VN, Nadler T, Zinner D (in press)
The hybrid origin of the Indochinese grey langur Trachypithecus crepusculus
International Journal of Primatology

Tramacere A, Moore R (in press)
Reconsidering the role of manual imitation in language evolution
Topoi  - abstract -

Winkler D, Daher F, Wüstefeld L, Hammerschmidt K, Poggi G,Seelbach A, Krueger-Burg D, Vafadari B, Ronnenberg A, Liu Y, Kaczmarek L, Schlüter OM, Ehrenreich H, Dere E (in press)
Hypersocial behavior and biological redundancy in mice with reduced expression of PSD95 or PSD93
Behavioural Brain Research  - abstract -

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