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Atickem A, Simeneh G, Bekele A, Mekonnen T, Sillero-Zubiri C, Hill RA, Stenseth NC (in press)
African wolf diet, predation on livestock and conflict in the Guassa Mountains of Ethiopia
African Journal of Ecology  - abstract -

Dolotovskaya S, Torroba JB, Haus T, Noll A, Hofreiter M, Zinner D, Roos C (in press)
Comparing mitogenomic timetrees for two African savannah primate genera (Chlorocebus and Papio)
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society  - open access -

Fischer J, Price T (in press)
Meaning, Intention, and Inference in Primate Vocal Communication
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews  - open access -

Fischer J, Wadewitz P, Hammerschmidt K (in press)
Structural variability and communicative complexity in acoustic communication
Animal Behaviour

Groves CP, Cotterill FPD, Gippoliti S, Robovský J, Roos C, Taylor P, Zinner D (in press)
Species definitions and conservation: a review and case studies.
Conservation Genetics  - abstract -

Hammerschmidt W, Sennhenn-Reulen H, Schacht A (in press)
Associated motivational salience impacts early sensory processing of human faces
Neurolmage  - abstract -

Kean DE, Tiddi B, Fahy M, Heistermann M, Schino G, Wheeler BC (in press)
Feeling anxious? The mechanisms of vocal deception in tufted capuchin monkeys
Animal Behaviour

Winkler D, Daher F, Wüstefeld L, Hammerschmidt K, Poggi G,Seelbach A, Krueger-Burg D, Vafadari B, Ronnenberg A, Liu Y, Kaczmarek L, Schlüter OM, Ehrenreich H, Dere E (in press)
Hypersocial behavior and biological redundancy in mice with reduced expression of PSD95 or PSD93
Behavioural Brain Research



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