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International study shows: Animals move less in human-modified landscapes

Eight years after the discovery of a new primate species in Myanmar, scientists have released a new report revealing how the 'snubby' is faring

Leading biologists discuss the complexity of social groups and their origins at the German Primate Center

The primate research community is mourning the death of Emeritus Professor Colin Groves, who was one of the world's leading anthropologists and taxonomists who identified more than 50 species of animal during his career.

Two opposing processes determine how maternal stress affects offspring growth in different developmental phases


DFG extends funding for research group "Sociality and Primate Health" with approximately 2.5 million euros

The type of vaccine administered and the activation of the body's own immune cells influence the vaccine protection


International research team describes new ape species on Sumatra

Successful transplantation of porcine islets without immunosuppression

Benjamin Dann receives award for his research on neural networks