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The Jung Foundation for Science and Research is awarding the hearing researcher for his pioneering work on signal transmission in the inner ear and his innovative therapy concepts for the treatment of hearing loss.

In 2017 we will be celebrating its 40th anniversary with a variety of events.

Discover the world of primate research with a researcher's passport

In the new edition of DPZ aktuell 4/2016 we report about the launch of the information initiative „Tierversuche verstehen”, about a new therapy against SIV and the importance of the Tarsier genome.

In our latest issue (3/2016), we report on why monkeys and people become more selective as they age, how our brain controls hand movements and how Sifakas solve their group conflicts in Madagascar

An international research team has developed an effective treatment strategy against the HIV-like Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) in rhesus macaques

A team of researchers analyzed the genome of the tarsier and gained new insights into the evolution of primates and jumping genes

The DPZ congratulates for five years of transparency and communication in animal research

The new edition of the brochure „Research Highlights“ has been published. It presents on 35 pages the most exiting results, DPZ researchers achieved in 2015.


For the first time, behavioral ecologists studied the impact of maternal stress on primate infants in the wild.