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Animal Experimental Research

These webpages present information on animal research, mainly concentrating on information about research with non-human primates. This is the field of expertise of the DPZ's scientists and they will happily answer the public's questions on this topic. You will still also find some general information about animal research, as for example the legal regulations for animal experimental research are the same for all kinds of research projects in Germany.

The information you will find here is scientificly confirmed and presents the facts as impartial as possible from the scientist's point of view. A number of links provide you with additional material and information accessible in the internet.

 We hope to contribute to answering your questions about animal experimental research. If there still remain questions after reading, please contact the public relations department of the institute. Simply write an e-mail write to Susanne Diederich.

News about animal experimental research

Die Initiative „Tierversuche verstehen“ startet im Schuljahr 2017/2018 einen besonderen Video-Wettbewerb für Schülerinnen und Schüler.


Am Mittwoch, dem 10. Mai, ab 10:10 Uhr ist DPZ-Direktor Stefan Treue in einem Beitrag des Deutschlandfunk zu hören. In der Live-Sendung „Länderzeit“ diskutiert er über die Notwendigkeit von Tierversuchen in der Forschung.

„Leiden für die Wissenschaft" - 
Pro und kontra Tierversuche


German Primate Center is part of a joint project that will evaluate stress on research animals

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Quiz: Ten questions on animal research

A lab rat. Photo: Understanding Animal Research

Why are animal experiments necessary? Where do the research animals come from and when is it allowed to use animals for experiments? Test your knowledge in our Quiz. Ten questions await you! For some of the question, more than one answer can be correct.

Animal research quiz

The interactive tour takes visitors to the DPZ's husbandry and breeding grounds and provides important information on monkey species, hygiene regulations and the daily work of veterinarians, animal caretakers and scientists.

Start the virtual tour

Video: Speaking about animal research