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Pathology Unit

The pathology under the direction of Dr. Kerstin Mätz-Rensing is an independent Service unit of the German primate center (DPZ). In the context of the services are primarily  autopsies are offered to the diagnostics of primates illnesses or within the scope of scientific projects. This includes histological and immunohistochemical studies as a component of diagnostics or as a basis for internal and external research projects.

The frozen section production and technology expands the extensive range of methods offered by the department and is used in particular in neuropathological studies. Bacteriological examinations of various biological samples including resistance determinations as well as parasitological examinations of faeces samples in the context of health monitoring of primate colonies complete the offered service spectrum.
In addition, the service unit provides biological sample material on request to internal and external research groups.

As part of the training, further education and training of veterinarians, training-related compulsory internships in pathology can be completed. Courses and lectures on primate diseases are regularly offered in cooperation with the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover or at the DPZ. A further training authorization for specialist in pathology is available.

The research projects of the Service Unit Pathology are pathogenesis studies on spontaneous or experimentally induced infectious diseases in non-human primates. In addition to a cowpox model, the current research projects include a research project on the fox tapeworm problem. The latter pursues the goal of developing a vaccine against the small fox tapeworm. In addition, clinical pictures and selected cases from everyday diagnostic work are scientifically processed. Currently, endometriosis is being researched in nonhuman primates and worked on a tumor registry.

The following pages provide an overview of the extensive range of methods offered and the individual research projects.



Dr. Kerstin Mätz- Rensing Head of Pathology Unit 0551 3851 386 Contact

Sabrina Bönig

Sabrina Bönig Secretary +49 551 3851-119 +49 551 3851-442 Contact