05 Features, Forms, and visual objects


Topics addressed in the lecture:

•Gestalt principles

•Representation of complex patterns in the ventral visual pathway

•Visual search task

•Binding problems

•Figure-ground segregation

•Feature integration theory

•Synchronization hypothesis


Examples for question you should be able to answer:

•Neurons in different visual areas along the ventral pathway are selective for increasingly complex visual patterns. For which property of a visual stimulus do the neurons in higher visual areas of the ventral pathway become less selective?

•Explain how the Gestalt principle of “good continuation” could be supported by contextual modulation of receptive fields in primary visual cortex (assume a neural rate code not a temporal code)?

•What are illusory conjunctions?


Important concepts:

•Feature integration

•Perceptual grouping

•Figure-ground segregation

•Spatial attention


•Temporal coding


(05) Dec 05, Features, Forms & visual Objects (ag)

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