Topics addressed in this lecture

•Features influencing decision making

•Different types of choice tasks

•ROC analysis as a measure of decoding capability

•Dependence of choice by target frequency, expected value, and stimulus timing

•Biased competition model of decision making

•Influencing decisions with neural stimulation

•Examples from neuro-economics

Example for questions you should be able to answer

•What is the difference between a perceptual discrimination task and a free-choice task?

•What do psychometric and neurometric performance curves describe? Which one is related to ROC analysis?

•Describe the neural activity in parietal cortex during a free-choice task (matching behavior or variation of SOA)? What does the neural activity represent?

•What is the difference between risk-neutral and risk-aversive behavior?

Important concepts

•perceptual discrimination and a free-choice behavior

•psychometric and neurometric performance

•choice bias by target frequency, reward, and timing

•biased competiton model for decision making


(11) Jan 30, Decision making (hs)