Topics addressed in the lecture:

•Retinofugal projections


•V1 modular organization (anatomical layers, functional selectivity maps)

•V1 simple and complex cell receptive fields

•receptive field modulations by visual context


Examples for question you should be able to answer:

•What visual field deficits result from damage of the left-hemispheric optical track?

•Which V1 layers project to higher visual areas, which to subcortical structures?

•Name 3 stimulus features which are organized in maps in V1.

•Give an example for contextual modulation of receptive fields and its putative perceptual relevance


Important concepts:

•divergence & convergence

•parallel processing


•orientation selectivity

•lesion studies

•receptive field modulations


(03) Nov 21, Early visual pathways and primary visual cortex (ag)

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