exam: Mon April 15th 2013
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Prof. Dr. Alexander Gail (ag)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue (st)

Prof. Hansjörg Scherberger (hs)

The lecture wiill be in English. Exams may be taken in German or English. Diese Vorlesungen erfolgen auf Englisch. Die Modulklausurfragen können aber auch auf Deutsch beantwortet werden.

The lecture series From Vision to Action will provide an introduction to visual processing and action planning in the central nervous system of primates. We will provide an overview over the different processing stages along the two major visual processing streams, leading to object perception on the one hand, and providing the basis for movement planning on the other. We will put special emphasis on the discussion of general design and coding principles. Additionally, we will discuss how improved knowledge in neuroscience can lead to clinical applications, like visual and motor neuroprosthetics or improved neuropsychological programs.

Lecture „From Vision to Action“ 2012/2013


Mon April 15th 2013