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in press

Raviv L, Peckre LR, Boeckx C (2022)
What is simple is actually quite complex: a critical note on terminology in the domain of language and communication
Journal of Comparative Psychology

Farrar B, Krupenye C, Rodrigo A, Tennie C, Fischer J, Altschul D, Ostojic L (in press)
Replication and reproducibility in primate cognition research
Animal Behavior and Cognition  - Preprint -

Fischer J (in press)
Studying primate cognition: from the wild to captivity and back
In: Schwartz BL, Beran MJ (eds)
Primate cognitive studies
Cambridge University Press  - accepted version -

Peckre LR, Fabre A-C, Wall CE, Pouydebat E & Whishaw IQ (in press)
Two types of hand withdraw movement to place food in the mouth mediated by somatosensation in 22-species of strepsirrhines
BioRxiv - Preprint -

Socias-Martínez L, Peckre LR & Noonan MJ (in press)
Are trapping data still suited for home range estimation? An analysis with various estimators, asymptotic models and data ordering procedures
BioRxiv - Preprint -