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Human Resources

We are here to help

  •  with all questions concerning personnel administration and all other matters from your first day of employment until the termination of your contract
  • questions concerning the balance between work and family

Our team is responsible for any concerns that you may have and we would gladly answer your questions.

Andrea Backhaus

Andrea Backhaus Head of Human Resources +49 551 3851-105 +49 551 3851-183 Contact

Dragana Lucic Deputy Head of Human Resources +49 551 3851-405 Contact

Güldem Köse-Yüksel Office Administration +49 551 3851-196 Contact

Dorothea Ständer

Dorothea Ständer Office Administration +49 551 3851-192 Contact

Juliane Ernst Office Administration +49 551 3851-178 Contact

Regina Kokott Office Administration +49 551 3851-189 Contact