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Dr. Daniela Buchwald

Postdoctoral Scientist

Research Group Neurobiology

+49 551 3851-425


Kellnerweg 4
37077 Göttingen

  • Sense of Touch: Representation of different tactile stimuli in the brain of non-human primates
  • Grasp planning: Influence of the way an object is perceived (visual/tactile) on the way the brain plans movements
  • PhD thesis in Sensory and Motor Neuroscience, University of Göttingen (2020)
    "Monkey see, monkey touch, monkey do: Influence of visual and tactile input on the fronto-parietal grasping network"
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science, Specialisation: Bioinformatik, University of Göttingen (2015)
    Masterthesis: "A region based combinatorial approach for object segmentation in computer vision" 
  • B.Sc. in Biology, Specialisation: Bioinformatik, University of Göttingen (2011)
    Bachelorthesis: "Die Nutzung von Motiven als Ankerpunkte für multiple Alignments"
  • Popova, B., Schubert, S., Bulla, I., Buchwald, D. & Kramer, W. A Robust and Versatile Method of Combinatorial Chemical Synthesis of Gene Libraries via Hierarchical Assembly of Partially Randomized Modules. PLoS One 10, e0136778 (2015). doi
  • Reumann, S., Buchwald, D. & Lingner, T. PredPlantPTS1: A Web Server for the Prediction of Plant Peroxisomal Proteins. Front. Plant Sci. 3, (2012). doi

Twitter: @LittlePrimate

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