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Ryo Segawa

Doctoral Student

Cognitive Neurosciences Laboratory

+49 551 3851-0


Kellnerweg 4
37077 Göttingen


The end of my research in neuroscience is when I will have achieved my own immortality. As the first step, I am aiming at mind uploading. In this context, I am interested in AI as a tool for modelling neural networks, the neural basis of consciousness, and neuronal learning algorithms. I am currently working in the Cognitive Neurology Group, Decision and Awareness Group on a project to probe causal relationships between conscious perception and neural activity, and with University College London (UK) on a project to identify relapse factors in depression.

Academic interests: Neural en/decoding, Consciousness ⊂ Perception/Learning/Artificial intelligence
General interests: Investment/Playing & listening to music/Fashion/Drinking/Hot springs & sauna/Running/Sports/Outdoor activities/Travel

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