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Dr. Valentina Unakafova

Postdoctoral Scientist

Cognitive Neurosciences Laboratory, SMG

+49 551 3851-354



Kellnerweg 4
37077 Göttingen


I am developing and implementing mathematical methods and computational tools for spike and LFP data analysis.

Besides, I have developed software for controlling virtual reality in experimental environments from a suite for running neurophysiological real-time experiments.

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Sciences, 373(2034): 20140091, 2015.
[3] Amigó, J.M., Keller, K., Unakafova, V.A., On entropy, entropy-like quantities, and applications,
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B, 20: 3301 – 3343, 2015.
[4] Keller K., Unakafov A.M., Unakafova V.A. Ordinal Patterns, Entropy, and EEG. Entropy, 16: 6212–
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[5] Unakafova V.A., Keller K., Efficiently measuring complexity on the basis of real-world data. Entropy,
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[7] Keller K., Unakafov A.M., Unakafova V.A., On the relation of KS entropy and permutation entropy.
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, 241(18): 1477–1481, 2012.

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