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The Photo Award winners 2022 are determined

An UFO, breakfast with the red-shanked langurs and the attempt to eat a fake apple
The picture "Breakfast" won the Photo Award 2022 in the category "Aesthetics". Photo: Nguyen Van Truong
"UFO: Unbekanntes Fütterungs-Objekt "lautet der Titel des Gewinnerbildes in der Kategorie "Wissenschaft". Foto: Louis Frank
"UFO: Unidentified Feeding Object" is the title of the winning photo in the category "Science". Photo: Louis Frank
Das Foto mit dem Titel "12:55 oder die Kunst das Wahre vom Falschen zu unterscheiden" belegte in der Kategorie "Originalität" den ersten Platz. Foto: Alexander Gail
In the category "Originality", the photo "12:55 or the art of distinguishing the real thing from fake" took the first place. Photo: Alexander Gail
Bei der Preisverleihung (von links): Katharina Peters (Geschäftsführung), Louis Frank, Christian Roos, der den Preis für Nguyen Van Truong entgegennimmt, Alexander Gail, Thomas Ziegler (DPZ-Förderkreis) und Stefan Treue (Geschäftsführung). Foto: Jana Wilken
At the award ceremony (from left): Katharina Peters (Management), Louis Frank, Christian Roos, who accepts the award on behalf of Nguyen Van Truong, Alexander Gail, Thomas Ziegler (DPZ Förderkreis) and Stefan Treue (Management). Photo: Jana Wilken

A special moment in the morning routine of the red-shanked langurs in Vietnam was photographed by Nguyen Van Truong, a PhD student in the Department of Primate Genetics at the DPZ. He was in the right place at the right time, as a group of langurs gathered in the fruit trees at Son Tra Nature Reserve with the first rays of sunlight of the day. The scene looks idyllic, one could almost think that the red-shanked langurs are calmly planning their day. "Breakfast" is the simple title of the winning picture in the "Aesthetics" category.

Baboons near the DPZ research station in Senegal show great interest in a Plexiglas apparatus that was filled with tasty peanuts by the researchers. The winning picture in the "Science" category was submitted by Louis Frank, who is a technical staff member in the Cognitive Ethology Department and designs individual apparatuses for each project together with the scientists. The picture is appropriately titled "UFO: Unknown Feeding Object".

The winning picture in the category "Originality" shows a young Barbary macaque at the Affenberg in Salem. The young monkey is standing in front of an information board for the show feedings and is looking very keenly at the apple depicted there. „12:55 oder die Kunst, das Wahre vom Falschen zu unterscheiden“ hat der Fotograf Alexander Gail seine Aufnahme genannt. He leads the Sensorimotor Research Group in the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at the DPZ.

A total of 127 photos were submitted in 2022 for the photo award offered by the DPZ's Förderkreis. The ten best pictures in the three categories could be admired in an exhibition in the foyer in December. As every year, all DPZ staff members were invited to vote for their favourite pictures and thus determine the winning photos. The photo prizes are worth 200 Euros per category and are awarded once a year to DPZ staff and guests who capture their work in photographs.