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In the current edition we report on lemurs that recognize conspecifics by facial color pattern variations, improved treatment options in gene therapy, the link between visual perception and attention as well as new approaches to fight the lung disease MERS
A red-fronted lemur in Madagascar. Photo: Anna Sperber
Cover page of DPZ aktuell 2/2018
Cover page of DPZ aktuell 2/2018

The first and most important decision that reproductive females have to make is o select a male of their own species for mating. Find out how researchers from the DPZ investigated which visual cues red-fronted lemurs (Eulemur rufifrons) use to identify conspecifics in our front-page story. 

Gene therapy is a promising treatment of many fatal hereditary diseases. Read about a newly developed technique that makes a faster and more efficient introduction of the therapeutic virus into the defective cells possible and opens up better chances of recovery.

Find out how Rhesus macaques helped scientists understand the neural mechanisms that enable our brain to maintain attention on important objects - even as the visual representation moves on the retina with each eye movement.

Researchers of the infection biology unit at DPZ report on a cellular enzyme that could help to fight the lung disease MERS. Since the virus was first observed in 2012, until now 2.189 patients have been diagnosed with MERS, of which 782 died from the disease. There is concern that the virus will acquire mutations that could lead to inter-human contagiousness, resulting in a pandemic outbreak.

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