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DPZ strongly represented in the Laborjournal Ranking for Behavioural Research

Four employees are part of the ranking as the most cited heads and two as co-authors on 2nd place among the most cited reviews
Laborjournal-Ranking for Behavioural Research

Four behaviourists from DPZ are represented in the ranking of the publication analysis 2009 - 2018 of the current issue of the Laborjournal. As the most cited heads, Julia Fischer occupies position 16, closely followed by Peter M. Kappeler on position 17, Michael Heistermann became position 19 and Hammerschmidt Position 23.

In the ranking of most cited reviews Gabriele Flügge and Eberhard Fuchs (former Department of Clinical Neurobiology) occupy position two as co-authors with the review "Stress revisited: A critical evaluation of the stress concept" from 2011.