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New research highlights for reading

The new issue of the brochure "Research Highlights" has been published. The booklet presents the most exciting results of the DPZ scientists from the year 2018.
A female red-fronted lemur (Eulemur rufifrons) in the Kirindy Forest in Madgascar. The German Primate Center has been operating a research station there since 1993. Photo: Anna Sperber
Cover of the brochure "Research Highlights 2018". Layout: Heike Klensang
Cover of the brochure "Research Highlights 2018". Layout: Heike Klensang

Doesn't she look pretty? Interested and wide awake, the female red-fronted lemur looks at us from our front page. The animals must also be attentive when selecting their partners, because interspecific mating is at the expense of the offspring. But how do the lemurs actually recognize their conspecifics?

If you want to know the answer to this question, you can read it now in the brochure "Research Highlights 2018". On 35 pages we present six of the most interesting research projects of the past year. In addition to the findings on lemurs, you will learn what makes the MERS virus so dangerous for us humans, how our brain controls spontaneous movements and whether the endangered black snub-nosed monkeys can still be saved. We wish you a pleasant reading!

The brochure is available in a printed version and online on our website.

This annually published brochure can be ordered free of charge. Please send an email including your postal address to presse(at)