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Movie Night at Lumière: Jane

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USA 2017, 90 Min., OmU, FSK: o.A.
Director: Brett Morgen

In 1960, the 26 year old Jane Goodall came to Tansania to proof her – mainly male – colleagues wrong in how to study primates. Without formal training, Goodall took a different approach, driven by her love for the animals: investing a lot of time, she habituated a local chimpanzee population to her present, and reveals their intelligence and social behaviour.

In 1964, the dutch film maker Hugo van Lawick travels to Tansania to document Goodall’s work. They fall in love with each other and get a child. JANE director Brett Morgen’s documentary uses van Lawick’s footage of the animals, exclusive interviews with Jane Goodall, research material from the Jane Goodall Institute and private video recordings to present a woman fighting against oppostion.

The orchestral score of legendary composer Philip Glass frames an intimate portrait of Jane Goodall – a trailblazer who defied the odds to become one of the world’s most admired conservationists.

Following the film, Prof. Julia Fischer will discuss the importance of Jane Goodall for primatology with the audience. How did she influence the study of our closest living relatives? What is her roe today and how did field research change since the days of Jane Goodall?

The original English version will be shown with German subtitles. The discussion will be bi-lingual.

Tuesday, October 16th 2018, 7.30 p.m., Lumière, Geismar Landstraße 19, 37083 Göttingen

Please note that for this event, tickets need to be purchased in Lumière.

<p>The Lumière is in Geismar Landstraße 19 and can be reached easily by foot, bike, car and bus. Lumière has a barrier-free access. Within few walking minutes, free parking is available at night at the parking area of the new town hall, accessible via Gaußstraße. Bus connections: Line 21 from Nikolausberg via train station and Bürgerstraße in direction Zietenterrassen. Bus stop Leibnizstraße. Line 22 from Nikolausberg via city centre in direction Geismar. Bus stop Keplerstraße.</p>

Date and Time 16.10.18 - 19:30 - 21:30 Signup is not required

Location Cinema Lumière
Geismar Landstraße 19


Leibniz ScienceCampus Primate Cognition and Cinema Lumière


Dr. Christian Schloegl


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