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The Humboldt awardee Prof. Tamás Székely works at the DPZ until the end of 2013. He joins the Sociobiology and Behavioral Ecology Unit of Peter Kappeler.

The home of two groups of Long-tailed and Rhesus Macaques at the DPZ has been relocated to a new place on the institute’s grounds. The monkeys will soon move in.

Stefan treue participated in a panel discussion about the alteration of the Protection of Animals Act. A recording of the discussion is now available online.

„Medical RNA-Biology“ led by Jens Gruber combines basic biological research with medical applications.

The Endocrinology Laboratory of the DPZ has established itself as an independent service unit since January 1st. It provides important services for research.

The Primatenzentrum exhibits a photographic journey through the work at the research institute. The DPZ presents the best pictures of an internal photo contest until the end of January.

The DPZ starts in 2013 with a new corporate design. The modern, easily recognizable appearance of the institute will form the look of all DPZ communication media from now on.

Hundreds of visitors explored at the DPZ's booth during the Göttingen night of science, how our research works. Researchers and visitors were likewise enthusiastic.

How we manage to attend to multiple objects without being distracted by irrelevant information

Crested macaques react faster if threatened by predators when a group member they are very close to calls for help