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Insights into the Primate Husbandry

A new interactive website tour guides visitors through the husbandry and breeding areas of the DPZ
The virtual tour through the DPZ primate husbandry. Screenshot: Sylvia Siersleben

Where and how the monkeys at the DPZ are kept? What responsibility has an animal keeper? What do the animals eat and what means “environmental enrichment”? These and other questions are regularly answered during DPZ guided tours through the outdoor enclosures. The interiors of the primate husbandry may, however only be entered by qualified personnel due to the strict hygiene regulations and the protection of animals.

The new virtual tour of the primate husbandry now allows visitors of the DPZ website to have a look into the indoor enclosures at the DPZ. Click by click, the tour guides through various stations, like changing room, indoor enclosure and feeding kitchen. Individually selectable hotspots hold numerous important information about monkeys species, welfare conditions, hygiene standards and the work of animal caretakers, veterinarians and scientists, who take care of animal welfare on a daily basis

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