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The DPZ aktuell double pack!

The issues 2/2020 and 3/2020 are available now
Cover pictures of the new DPZ aktuell editions. Layout: Heike Klensang

Due to Corona, this time two DPZ aktuell editions have been published simultaneously!

Issue 2/2020 informs about how the success of DPZ corona research was decided at the meat counter and which potential drug against COVID-19 was discovered, how selflessly Mandrills care for their sick conspecifics and how DPZ employees answered questions from opponents of animal experiments during a vigil in front of the institute.

Issue 3/2020 informs about the change in the administrative management at DPZ, explains the activation of SARS-CoV-2 and how the work at the primate center has changed during corona times and how DPZ researchers are trying to control the smart home with the power of thought.

We hope you enjoy reading this issues!