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Julia Fischer has received the Grüter Award 2013

The award for the promotion of the communication of science is endowed with 10,000 Euros
[Translate to English:] Julia Fischer wurde der Grüter-Preis 2013 vom Stiftungsrats-Vorsitzenden Prof. Dr. Jürke Grau auf Schloss Nymphenburg übergeben. Foto: Werner und Inge Grüter-Stiftung
Das Foto zeigt Julia Fischer und einen Berberaffen.
[Translate to English:] Die Primatenforscherin Julia Fischer beobachtet einen Berberaffen in Rocamadour, Südfrankreich. Foto: Kurt Hammerschmidt

Behavioral scientist Julia Fischer, who heads the Cognitive Ethology Lab at the German Primate Center (DPZ) in Göttingen, has received the 2013 award of the Grüter-Stiftung for the promotion of science communication. She was awarded with the prize for her popular science book "Affengesellschaft", which was published by Suhrkamp in 2012. The award ceremony took place at the Nymphenburg castle in Munich on November 4th.

This year's prize of the Grüter-Stiftung for the promotion of science communication went to Prof. Julia Fischer, head of the Cognitive Ethology Laboratory at the German Primate Center (DPZ) in Göttingen. The prize was awarded on November 4th at the Museum of Man and Nature in Munich's Nymphenburg castle. "Professor Fischer combines first-class research with the aim of communicating science to a broader audience, and considers this to be a fundamental duty of active research", gave the jury led by the biologist Prof. Jürke Grau as the reason for choosing Julia Fischer as this year's awardee.

Julia Fischer received the award for her engagement in science communication, specifically her book "Affengesellschaft" (Suhrkamp), which provides insights into her field research, including the description of the social structure, intelligence, and communication of our closest relatives, with a strong focus on the evolution and ecology of her study subjects. "Therefore, Julia Fischer is an ideal awardee in the sense of the Grüter foundation's purpose and a role model for young researchers", said Prof. Grau.

"We are very happy that Julia Fischer receives the Grüter award, because with her extraordinary dedication to the communication of science she is not only a role model for all scientists, but also a perfect ambassador of the research of the German Primate Center," commented Stefan Treue, director of the DPZ.

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