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Support for the DPZ biotope

Around 10,000 euros for remodeling and redesigning the site.
Semi-arid grassland and shrub and tree cover in the western part of the DPZ biotope bordering Otto Hahn Street. Photo: Sascha Bubner
Dr. Thomas Ziegler beim Auslesen der Wildtierkamera auf der Streuobstwiese des DPZ-Biotops. Foto: Sascha Bubner
Thomas Ziegler reading out the wildlife camera in the DPZ biotope's meadow orchard. Photo: Sascha Bubner

The institute-wide Climate Day on September 16 marked the start of a series of measures to promote sustainability and climate protection at the DPZ. Among other things, a valuable habitat for native plant and animal species is to be created on a section of the DPZ site.

Together with the association "Chance for Nature e.V.", the DPZ has now succeeded in acquiring funding for the work on the DPZ biotope. The Lower Saxony Environmental Foundation Bingo is supporting the project with around 10,000 euros.

"We are very pleased about the funding," says project manager Thomas Ziegler. "With the money, we will be able to implement some of our planned measures to enhance the biotope areas. These include working the soil, creating wildflower meadows, reptile castles, two ponds, and nesting opportunities for various bird and bat species."

All measures are to be documented from the beginning and the development of biodiversity scientifically recorded. The latter is to be ensured by biologists from the association "Chances for Nature e.V." as well as students from the University of Göttingen and the DPZ.

Some of the nesting boxes and feeding places will be equipped with cameras to make the events directly accessible via screens in the public area of the DPZ. This will provide unique insights into the biodiversity and behavior of local bird species on a daily basis.

After all measures have been implemented and the site has established itself as an upgraded biotope, it will gradually be made accessible to the interested public in the future as part of guided tours with a seasonal focus.