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The Primatar: a virtual macaque head

Realistic virtual stimuli are of increasing interest in studies of primate cognition. In the current project, we describe the development of a new virtual monkey head with realistic facial features for experiments with nonhuman primates, the “Primatar”. We report first steps toward validation by assessing how long-tailed macaques and Rhesus macaques respond to the Primatar in their gaze behavior.

Involved Lab members

Vanessa Wilson, Carolin Kade, Julia Fischer

Associated publications

Wilson, V. A. D., Kade, C., Moeller, S., Treue, S., Kagan, I., & Fischer, J (2020)
Macaque Gaze Responses to the Primatar: A Virtual Macaque Head for Social Cognition Research
Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 1645  - DOI -

Test stimuli. Top to bottom: unrealistic Primatar (UP), realistic Primatar (RP), and real monkey (RM; one of three real photographs used). Left to right in each row: original image, mild obfuscation (MO), strong obfuscation (SO), and scrambled image (SC).