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The Primatar: a virtual macaque head

Realistic virtual stimuli are of increasing interest in studies of primate cognition. In the current project, we describe the development of a new virtual monkey head with realistic facial features for experiments with nonhuman primates, the “Primatar”. We report first steps toward validation by assessing how long-tailed macaques and Rhesus macaques respond to the Primatar in their gaze behavior.

Associated publications

Wilson, V. A. D., Kade, C., Moeller, S., Treue, S., Kagan, I., & Fischer, J (2020)
Macaque Gaze Responses to the Primatar: A Virtual Macaque Head for Social Cognition Research
Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 1645  - DOI -


Involved Lab members

Vanessa Wilson

Julia Fischer

Carolin Kade