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Teaching at the CNL

Teaching of the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory and the Sensorimotor Group comprises lectures at the University of Göttingen, participation in the PhD Program "Systems Neuroscience" of the Center for Systems Neuroscience, the Masters/PhD Program Neuroscience and also individual training in practicals and seminars. Our offers address students of biology, psychology, and medicine.

You can find the lectures of the current term here

Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue

Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue Head of Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory +49 551 3851-118 Contact

Prof. Dr. Alexander Gail Head of Sensorimotor Group +49 551 3851-358 Contact

Beatrix Glaser

Beatrix Glaser Secretary +49 551 3851-341 +49 551 3851-452 Contact