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Teaching in winter term 2021/22

Lecture Biopsychologie I und II,

Lecture Biopsychologie II (zuvor "Kognitive Neurowissenschaften"),

Lecture and seminar Biopsychologie III,

Lecture and seminar From Vision to Action,

are made available to Biology and Psychology students via the following modules:

  Biologie Psychologie
Biologische Psychologie I (2 SWS) SK.Bio.355 B.Psy.901
Biologische Psychologie II (2 SWS) SK.Bio.356
Biologische Psychologie III (4 SWS) SK.Bio.357 B.Psy.902
From Vision to Action (4 SWS) M.Bio.350 M.Psy.901


We offer internships within the following: 

  • Bachelor Biology - Scientific specialization [B.Bio.156.1 & B.Bio.190-2]
  • Master Neurosciences Laborrotation [UniVZ Nr. 440406]
  • Bachelor Biology & Psychology - Scientific specialization Biokognition [B.Bio.116.1]
Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue

Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue Head of Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory +49 551 3851-118 Contact

Prof. Dr. Alexander Gail Head of Sensorimotor Group +49 551 3851-358 Contact