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Visual Circuits and Repair

The Junior Research Group Visual Circuits and Repair (VCR) was founded in February 2019.

The research focus of the group is the development of new therapies to restore vision. Closely related to this is basic research on the function of the visual system of primates, with the group focusing in particular on "early" switching points in the thalamus and visual cortex. The group's primary method of measurement is functional microscopy using 2-photon calcium imaging in primates.

The group is particularly focused on the clinical translation of research results, whereby two different approaches are followed: On the one hand, new gene therapies are to be developed and tested that selectively repair defective cell types in order to restore a loss of vision. On the other hand, the group evaluates new approaches for the development of prostheses that can generate visual perception by means of optogenetic stimulation when other therapies are no longer indicated (e.g. in advanced optic atrophy)

Dr. Daniel Hillier Group leader +49 551 3851-278 Contact

Dr. Vladislav Kozyrev Scientist +49 551 3851-447 Contact