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Junior Research Group Medical RNA Biology

Pentamer respectively capsomer out oft he major capsid protein VP1 of the human polyomavirus JC virus. 72 capsomeres form a complete virus-like particle (VLP) (Photo: Stefan Lüdtke)

The new (January 2013) established research group "Medical RNA biology" deals with questions concerning the function and biogenesis of non-protein-coding RNAs in disease and therapy as well as with the application and development of targeted drug transfer by VLP ("virus like particles") technology.

Our focus in the area of RNA biology:

  • Functional analysis of small non-protein-coding RNAs (npcRNA), in particular their involvement in gene regulation at the transcriptional and post-transcriptional level.
  • Exchange of information between different cells and cell types of targeted secretion in microvesicles such as exosomes.
  • The roles of small RNAs in different diseases (infections, cancer, etc.) and possibilities of therapeutic intervention.

Our focus in the area VLP technology:

  • Further development of cell-targeting on specific ligand-receptor interactions
  • Enhancements of the charge repertoire (transfer DNA molecules> 3kb, small molecule transfer)
  • Application in basic research, disease models and neuro-optogenetics


Dr. Jens Gruber

Dr. Jens Gruber Head of the junior research group +49 551 3851-193 +49 551 3851-372 Contact