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Master’s student

The Deutsches Primatenzentrum GmbH – Leibniz-Institut für Primatenforschung in Göttingen is a primate research and competence center that does basic research. It concentrates on three main areas named Organismic Primate Biology, Infections Research and Neurosciences. The DPZ maintains four field stations to do research on and with primates. Furthermore it is one of 93 research and infrastructure establishments of the Leibniz Association

The Junior Research Group Herpesviruses is looking for a highly motivated

Master’s student

to perform studies on the kinetics of viral entry and fusion in different host cells. The proposed project will comprise high-resolution imaging of both fixed and live cells infected with dual-fluorescently labelled Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus and rhesus monkey rhadinovirus particles using a state-of-the-art confocal microscope setup. In addition, the spectrum of methods will include cell culture, virus production and purification, immunofluorescence staining techniques, Western blot, and quantitative PCR.

Please send in your written application including all certificates under key word “Junior Research Group Herpesviruses” to Deutsches Primatenzentrum GmbH – Leibniz Institut für Primatenforschung – Personnel Office – Kellnerweg 4 – 37077 Göttingen or via mail to bewerbung(at) Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

For further information please contact Dr. Alexander Hahn,, or see

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