Welcome to the

10th Primate Neurobiology Meeting

at the Deutsches Primatenzentrum in Göttingen on March 6-8, 2017

This annual meeting intends to serve as a platform for European scientists, studying the electrophysiology of the central nervous system in awake behaving primates. It will allow them to discuss new results, established as well as upcoming new methods, questions of animal husbandry and welfare as well as legal issues regulating research on nonhuman primates. The format of the meeting will be deliberately informal in order to facilitate the exchange of information on any aspect of primate neurobiology and to allow us to speak out more audibly on behalf of this indispensable approach in the study of the brain. To this end, participants may present any aspect of their work at any stage – from the presentation of methods to that of concepts, from the introduction of very first results to the discussion of work that may have already been presented at other conferences. We will accommodate short oral presentations as well as posters. In particular, we encourage students and postdocs working in nonhuman primate laboratories to participate and to consider presenting their projects.

Furthermore, we will have a 1.5 day further education program for technical personnel, which will focus on techniques, animal models and welfare assessment of primates.


The 2017 keynote speakers are

Eberhard Fetz, Pieter Roelfsema und Mark Buckley

Please check also the scientific program.


Following the conference (March 6-8, 2017) the Graduate Training for Primate Neuroscience of the Research Unit 1847 „Primate Systems Neuroscience“ offers a training course on Primate Neurobiology Methods. For more information see DFG-FOR-1847.


is now open until February 24, 2017


Talk and poster submission (DIN0 portrait) will be accepted until February 17, 2017

To design an interesting and informative program we would greatly appreciate your contributions. We will again have talks and a poster session as well as a forum for discussion of ethical standards, political issues and future actions related to research with non-human primates.

If you wish to present your work in either format, please submit your contributions as early as possible (see Registration).

Please contact conference secretary for any important questions: Beatrix Glaser: primneu@dpz.eu +49 551 3851-118.