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We are a new research group affiliated with the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (CNL) of Prof. Stefan Treue at the German Primate Center (DPZ). The group was established in April 2011 in collaboration with the Dept. Cognitive Neurology of Prof. Melanie WilkeUniversity Medicine Goettingen (UMG), and is currently funded by the CNL and the UMG. The UMG funding comes from the Schilling foundation endowment to Prof. Wilke. Additional funding comes from the DFG grant "Neural basis of spatial neglect symptoms in thalamo-cortical circuits" to Melanie Wilke and Igor Kagan (2012).


Our research aims to understand the neural basis of cognitive functions such as spatial awareness and decision making: the ability to perceive and to act adequately in response to multiple external sensory events, exhibiting a flexible behavior in face of several alternatives. We are utilizing neurophysiological recordings (neuronal firing and local field potential) in behaving macaque monkeys, functional imaging (fMRI) in monkeys and humans, and reversible perturbations (inactivation and stimulation) of specific brain regions to study these functions on the local (neuronal) and global (network) levels. Our current work is focusing on intra-areal, interhemispheric, and pulvinar-cortical interactions and communication during visuomotor decision making and response selection, a monkey model of spatial neglect and decision making deficits, and monkey-human comparison of these functions.

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Recent News and Events

15.11.2014 - Alexander Kratzenberg started lab rotation in our group.

10.02.2014 - Kristin Kaduk  started lab rotation in our group.

01.11.2013 - Lydia Gibson, M.Sc. in Psychology, Goettingen University, joined our group.

More News

Dr. Igor Kagan Head of Decision and Awareness Group +49 551 3851-332 Contact Profile