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Welcome to the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (CNL) at the German Primate Center (DPZ).

Head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory is Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue. He also is the Director of the DPZ and University Professor for Cognitive Neurosciences and Biopsychology at the Faculty of Biology and PsychologyGeorg-Elias-Müller-Institute for Psychology at the University of Göttingen.

The CNL also hosts two research groups with distinct scientific interests:

  • The Sensorimotor Group (SMG), headed by Prof. Dr. Alexander Gail is closely affiliated with the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience. Research in the SMG is aimed at understanding the neural basis of sensorimotor transformations, i.e. the cortical mechanisms underlying the planning of voluntary movements. More info about SMG
  • The Decision and Awareness Group (DAG), headed by Dr. Igor Kagan is closely affiliated with the Department of Cognitive Neurology (Prof. Melanie WIlke) at the Medical School. Research in the DAG is focused on neural mechanisms of active perception, decision making and goal-directed actions. More info about DAG

The CNL, SMG, and DAG are members of various scientific networks and work together closely with several international groups.

Short movie about the research focuses and methods of the CNL

Seeing is an active process; it is more than just a reflection of our environment. Visual information is strongly modified on its way from the eyes through the cortex by a multitude of visual processes. This way, we can distinguish important from unimportant information. The Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory investigates these phenomena in the brain.

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Tierversuche verstehen

"Tierversuche verstehen": An information initiative of the scientific community

News, background information, documentaries, films, info-graphics, interviews and photos on the subject of animal testing are available on www.tierversuche-verstehen.de. Generally interested individuals, teachers and students, as well as media and other opinion leaders, will find high quality content here. In addition, the platform provides a discussion forum and a database of experts journalists can make contact with and qualified presenters can be found for schools and further training.

Picture of the Day


Students, academic staff, and heads of the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab presented their research projects again this year. Late into the night, hundreds of visitors informed themselves at the DPZ booths in the central lecture building during the 3rd "Nacht des Wissens". 

The 15 members at the booth for the Cognitive Neurosciences presented whether we can really trust our eyes through prism glasses (SMG), how playful learning can also work with monkeys through the new research paradigm XBI (WeCo), and how psychophysics and eye-tracking can help us to better understand the brain (AKN).

Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue Head of Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory +49 551 3851-118 Contact

Prof. Dr. Alexander Gail Head of Sensorimotor Group +49 551 3851-358 Contact

Dr. Igor Kagan Head of Decision and Awareness Group +49 551 3851-332 Contact Profile

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