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Primates, compared to other mammals, are characterized by a large brain, a highly developed visual system and a differentiated fine motor control. Because of these characteristics, nonhuman primates represent optimal animal models in the study of special human capacities.

In the section "Neurosciences", accordingly, the focus is on studies in cognitive behavior, in central nervous control of movement, and in visual perception.

Cognitive Neurosciences

The Cognitive Neurosciences Laboratory is carrying out research on the neuronal bases of information processing in the brain. The main focus is placed on visual perception and its modulation by cognitive factors, such as attention. While most of the experiments are aimed at understanding basic phenomena, the results could also be of importance in understanding neurological disturbances, thereby offering the possibility for therapeutical developments.

Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
Sensorimotor Group
Decision and Awareness Group

Das Labor der Forschergruppe Neurobiologie

Neurobiology Laboratory

We are interested in how hand movements are generated in the primate brain and how intentions to grasp objects can be decoded for controlling a neural prosthesis.

Neurobiology Laboratory

Section's Speaker

Prof. Dr. med. Hansjörg Scherberger Head of Neurobiology Laboratory +49 551 3851-494 Contact