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Infection Research

The section Infection Research researches immundeficiency viruses like HIV, viruses, infecting the respiratory system like flu (influenza) and newly emerging viruses. Additionally illnesses caused by bacteria and parasites are research topics.


The section Neuroscience researches the basics of cognitive performance in the central nervous system and neurodegenerative illnesses as well as control of movements and the visual perception.

Organismic Primate Biology

Research in the section Organismic Primate Biology is focussed on evolutionary basics of social and mating systems, reproductive mechanisms, ecology, vocal communication, biology of stem cells, and genetics in primates.




Addisu Mekonnen Department of Zoological Sciences, College of Natural Sciences, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia AND PhD candidate, Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, Dep of Biosciences, University of Oslo, Norway

Behavioural ecology and conservation biology of Bale monkeys in the Southern Ethiopian Highlands


joint colloquium CBL and DPZ

Prof. Mike Bruford Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff, UK

Genes, species and ecosystem services: do we have the tools to pursue the paradigm?