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How much does a human brain weigh and what are mirror neurons? Why are animal experiments necessary and which monkey species are mainly used for experiments? Which primates are known for their morning duet songs and what does an angry baboon sound like? With our quiz, you can test yourself and at the same time expand your knowledge. Click on a link below to start the test.


What do you know about the brain?

Surface reconstructions of human brain and macaque brain, view from the top. Image: Igor Kagan

Our brain steers all the complex functions of our body. Without this organ, we could neither think nor speak or move. The neuroscientists at the DPZ do research with monkeys to get a better understanding of how the brain functions. But what do you really know about the gray matter?

Brain Quiz

Ten questions on animal research

A rat in the lab. Photo: Understanding Animal research

Why are animal experiments necessary? Where do the research animals come from and when is it allowed to use animals for experiments? Test your knowledge in our Quiz. Ten questions await you! For some of the question, more than one answer can be correct.

Animal research quiz

How our closest relatives communicate with one another

[Translate to English:] Ein Berberaffe (Macaca sylvanus). Foto: DPZ

Monkey calls are species-specific and congenital. Our closest relatives use their vocalizations in different behavioral situations and to express emotional states. But what does a titi monkey sound like in the South American rainforest and which type of lemur can vocalize its own name? Find out with our monkey vocalization quiz!

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