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Career at the DPZ

The Deutsches Primatenzentrum GmbH (DPZ, founded 1977) is an independent research institute offering service for the science community in Germany. The DPZ is member of the Leibniz association and obtains its funds partly from the Federal State of Germany and partly from its State of Lower Saxony. Additionally about 40 percent of the DPZ's budget, which sums up to about 15 millionen Euro per year, is gained by our scientists from research funding organization. In addition, third party funding of 4.5 millions of Euros was raised in the same year which equals about 33 % of the amount for financial support for staff and equipment.

If you are planning to apply digitally for a position at the DPZ, please use this E-Mail address: bewerbung(at)

Young academics

Support of young academics is an important aim of the DPZ. Closely cooperating with the University of Göttingen students from all over the world work on their Bachelor-, Master-, or PhD-degrees at the DPZ. All of our three sections manage graduate schools in cooperation with the University, which prepare postgraduates throroughly for their scientific career.
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Eine Technische Assistentin im Labor

Apprenticeships at the DPZ

The DPZ offers different kinds of apprenticeships, depending on the demand in our several departments. In principle we offer professional training in following jobs: clerk, animal keeper specialising in research and clinics as well as qualified IT specialist focusing on system integration.

Job and family

The DPZ is since 2010 certified by the organisation berufundfamilie, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs and the Hertie Foundation. Additionally the DPZ supplies fees for day nursery for our employees' children.
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Andrea Backhaus

Andrea Backhaus Head of Human Resources +49 551 3851-105 +49 551 3851-303 Contact

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