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These pages contain features on several research topics of our institute and subjects related to our research, which frequently evoke questions to our scientists. We combined background information, current publications, images and videos with contact information of our scientists.

Learn more about HIV, neuroprostheses and animal experimental research with non-human primates. Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

The photo shows a rhesus macaque

Animal Research

Here you can find more information on animal research in general, but especially at the DPZ. Information includes facts about laws, modell animals or medical advancement basing on animal research.

More about animal research

The photo shows an HI-Virus


Here you can find more information on HIV and the DPZ's research about the deadly virus.

More about HIV

The photo shows a lab.


Everybody knows the term "flu", but details about the real influenza virus are not common knowledge. Here you can find out more.

More about influenza

The photo shows a lab.


These pages inform about neuroprosthetics and the neurobiological research done in this field at the DPZ. Neuroprosthetics aim at helping patients who suffer from severe brain damages to regain a part of their limb control.

More about neuroprosthetics

The photo shows a lab.

Stem cell research

Find out more about stem cell research and how this scientific topic is being studied at the DPZ.

More about stem cell research

The photo shows a ring-tailed lemur.

Biodiversity of primates

Primates live in the tropical and subtropical regions of America, Africa and Asia and their outer appearance as well as their behaviour are quite variable. Here you can learn more about several primate species, especially those studied or discovered by DPZ scientists.

More about primates

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