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With our brochures, flyers and information materials, we would like to give you an impression of who we are and what we experience and research at the DPZ. You can view the materials directly on your screen or download them as pdf via our media library.

We would also be happy to send you our information in printed form. Please order them by e-mail at presse(at), stating your address.

Current issues

Research Highlights 2020

We present the six most interesting research results every year. Have a look!

pdf download

Further issues of our Highlights brochure

Highlights 2019

pdf download

[Translate to English:] Titelseite der Broschüre Highlights 2018. Screenshot: Siersleben

Highlights 2018

pdf download

[Translate to English:] Junger Rhesusaffe (Macaca mulatta) an der Cayo Santiago Field Station des Carribean Primate Research Center (Puerto Rico). Die Station wurde 2017 vom Hurrican Maria schwer getroffen und verwüstet. Foto: Christian Schloegel

Highlights 2017

pdf download



Highlights 2016

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The photo shows the title of the brochure

Highlights 2015

pdf download


The photo shows the title of the brochure

Highlights 2014

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Cover of the Highlights broschure.

Highlights 2013

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Highlights 2012

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Highlights 2011

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Chronicle 40 Years of DPZ

40 Years of DPZ

Get a brief overview of the past 40 years of the German Primate Center in your bilingual booklet: download PDF


You want information about the DPZ? Here you can download flyer that gives you a brief overview on topics concerning the German Primate Center. We will add constantly more information material. Visit the page again!


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DPZ poster
The poster shows some of the monkeys our researchers are working with. The photos were taken by our staff during their work in the animals' countries of origin but also in the primate enclosure at the DPZ.