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Facts and Figures


Legally, The German Primate Center is a limited company (Ltd). At its inception in 1977, the  Federal State of Lower Saxony and the Federal Republic of Germany signed a shareholders agreement. Both shareholders hold 50 percent of the shares of the institute. The funding of personnel and material resources from federal and state government (without third-party funds) was approx. 17.2 millions of EUR in 2020.

Third Party Funding

The scientists of the DPZ spent approx. 5.6 millions of Euros from research funding organizations such as the German Research Foundation (DFG) in 2019. This corresponds to about 33 % of the amount of funding from federal and state governments (basic funding). Thus, the DPZ was able to keep the third party funding at a overall high level over the last years.


By the end of 2019, the DPZ had 453 employees, including a certain proportion of part-time workers or apprenticeship positions. However, the Institute has doubled the number of its employees in the past ten years. If one includes the staff at the field stations, the DPZ has a significantly higher number of research workers.

World map DPZ international. Graphic: Heike Klensang

The DPZ is internationally focused. In December 2019, 22% of the 453 employees came from abroad or had a dual citizenship. The 99 employees come from 42 nations. In addition to Germany, Italy and France, many employees come from India, the USA, Iran and Spain.



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