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In the new issue, we present the six most exciting results of DPZ scientists from the past year.

The virus has rediscovered an entry pathway into lung cells that has been used by earlier variants and that is important for the development of pneumonia

The winning photos are a monkey portrait, a hidden object photo and a declaration of love. An adventurous excursion to Vietnam's Delacour's langurs wins the inaugural video prize.

In the latest issue 2023 you can read, among other things, how bonobos grow and find out why a research team examined a 2,000-year-old baboon mummy. We also report on our first Science Career Day at the DPZ.

The Leibniz Collaborative Excellence Program awards a one million Euro grant to the PRIMADIS project

Robert Koch Foundation honors researcher from the Infection Biology Unit for virological research

We warmly congratulate on the admission to the renowned academy of science

On November 21 and 22, researchers from the Organismic Primate Biology Unit offered a training course for interested biology teachers

Wild bonobos also cooperate with members of foreign groups