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The Sponsorship Society of the German Primate Center awards two PhD Thesis Awards to young female scientists

Pancreatitis drug Camostat inhibits new SARS-CoV-2 activators identified in the upper respiratory tract


Issue 4/2020 is ready for download

Vocal learning leads to modification of call structure in a multi-level baboon society

Research project launched at the German Primate Center and the University of Düsseldorf

Endangered langurs, hand-holding rhesus monkeys and PopArt brains

Neurobiologists at the German Primate Center developed a model that for the first time can completely represent the neuronal processes from seeing to grasping an object

Coppery titi monkeys do not deceive their partners

Foundation Pour l'Audition recognizes his pioneering work towards the optical cochlear implant for the treatment of hearing loss.


Field research continues