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"Challenges of the build-up phase mastered in an impressive manner"

Evaluation by the Scientific Advisory Board: outstandingly positioned, extraordinarily motivated and competent

In the first issue of 2019 we report on the pandemic potential of MERS viruses, introduce our new Junior Research Group leader Caspar Schwiedrzik and give a review of the fourth “Nacht des Wissens”.

Infection biologists decipher clever diversion maneuver by viral decoys

International research team reconstructs the evolutionary history of baboons

The new issue of the brochure "Research Highlights" has been published. The booklet presents the most exciting results of the DPZ scientists from the year 2018.

Research on perception and learning

In the last issue of 2018, you will read, among other things, why it doesn't get dark when you blink, learn how a film evening on the Science Campus blew up the capacities of the Lumière cinema and get to know the "Lord of the Bones" at the DPZ.


German Research Foundation supports sensory Collaborative Research Center for another four years