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Even supposedly adaptable mammal species face increased risk of extinction

In the first issue of 2023, you can find out why more variability helps learning, what conflicts exist between baboons and humans on the Arabian Peninsula, and which photo motifs won the DPZ Photo Contest Award

Humans and monkeys coordinate conflicting interest to maximize their profits

Long-tailed macaques react with disappointment when their expectations are not met

Variable stimuli influence learning processes in the visual system

Cytomegalovirus infections in primates stimulate production of special natural killer cells that could also play a role in anticancer therapy

International team brings basic research on sperm forward

An UFO, breakfast with the red-shanked langurs and the attempt to eat a fake apple

In the last issue of this year, we present our exhibition "Im Urwald", report on stress in the children's room among bonobos and congratulate the Laboratory Animal Science Unit on a positive evaluation.

BA.5-adapted vaccine improves antibody response, but new omicron subvariants still show strong immune escape