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Future SARS-CoV-2 variants may also regain the ability to infect the lower respiratory tract

Mouse lemurs that perform better in cognitive tests live longer

In issue 2/2023 you will learn how climate change threatens the lemurs in Madagascar and what can be studied with the "Exploration Room". In addition, we introduce the new head of the research platform Infection Models in an interview.

Riana Valéry Ramanantsalama investigates the transmissibility of viruses between Malagasy wild mammals, domesticated animals and humans

New insights into the genetic diversity and evolution of our closest relatives and the genetic causes of human diseases

Cognition and Behavior in the Anthropocene

Which ecological and social factors influence group dynamics of chimpanzees and bonobos?

Scientists at the German Primate Center develop effective method to genetically modify brain organoids

Zurna Ahmed developed novel experimental environment for rhesus macaques

In the current issue we present the five most exciting research results of DPZ scientists from the past year.