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Understanding how perception and memory interact

Study on rhesus monkeys shows how our brain processes complex signals

Researchers observe that red-fronted lemurs may chew on millipedes to rid themselves of intestinal parasites

Researchers from the Institute for Auditory Neuroscience of the University Medical Center Göttingen have established the transduction of the auditory nerve of adult animals with light-sensitive switches. This allows deaf animals to hear again with light and promises major breakthroughs in restoring hearing in deaf patients. Released in “Science Translational Medicine” on July 11, 2018.

A rhesus monkeys study highlights the role of the brain regions involved in the planning of movements

International experts call for immediate action to protect endangered primate species

In the current edition we report on lemurs that recognize conspecifics by facial color pattern variations, improved treatment options in gene therapy, the link between visual perception and attention as well as new approaches to fight the lung disease MERS

Development and evolution of social cognition, communication and cooperation

Positive evaluation for the Neurobiology Laboratory