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A team of neuroscientists from Göttingen and Tehran shows how our brain combines visual features to achieve a unified percept

In issue 3/2019 we report on the role of monkeys in the regeneration of rainforests, present a study on the evolution of language and give an overview of a new promising research project in the neurosciences.

Göttingen behavioral scientists tested biological principle on free-living Assamese macaques

DPZ infection researchers identify receptors for the infection of B cells by the Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus

Primate researchers show how monkeys contribute to the regeneration of tropical forests

Göttingen research project "Deep Movement Diagnostics" receives around 1.2 million euros for the development of three-dimensional reconstructions of movement patterns

In issue 2/2019 we report among other things about competing long-tailed macaques, improved diagnostic possibilities for Zika viruses and contact calls of South American spider monkeys.

Green monkeys' alarm calls allow conclusions about the evolution of language

Infection biologists use a chip-based testing system to diagnose virus infections in nonhuman primates