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The DPZ Sponsorship Society

Support for primate research

The non-profit Sponsorship Society of the German Primate Center ("Förderkreis des Deutschen Primatenzentrums e.V.") is a forum for all who are interested to support the research at the German Primate Center (DPZ).

The Sponsorship Society supports projects that directly benefit the people, the animals and their environment, or provide contributions to the understanding primate biology. To reach these aims, the focus of the Society is to sustain researchers in the early stages of their scientific career.

There are always projects where formal or budgetary legal requirements limit the work of the Institute and where valuable support can be achieved with modest means. Since its founding in 1985, the DPZ Sponsorship Society has initiated measures to support various projects. This for example includes support for the construction and maintenance of field stations. Linked to this are study courses for local students and young scientists that enable them to gather knowledge on research of primates as well as dealing with the problems arising from  species conservation.

The Siberut Field Station was implemented in order to study and protect monkeys in Indonesia. Image: DPZ
The Siberut Field Station was implemented in order to study and protect monkeys in Indonesia. Photo: DPZ
Young molecular biologists meeting at a Networking Symposium in Amsterdam, that was supported by the DPZ Foundation. Photo: Christoph Rademacher
Young molecular biologists meeting at a Networking Symposium in Amsterdam, that was supported by the DPZ Sponsorship Society. Photo: Christoph Rademacher

PhD Thesis Award - Apply Now!

Poster 2021. Layout: Heike Klensang

In 2021, the DPZ Sponsorship Society of the German Primate Center will again award a PhD Thesis Award worth 500 euros each for the best dissertation of the year in the sections Infection Research, Neurosciences and Organismal Primate Biology.

Until January 31, 2022 all doctoral students of the DPZ who have successfully completed their doctoral thesis in 2021 in one of the three sections can apply.

Further information

The DPZ Photo Award

An owl monkey (Aotus azarae) in South America. Image: C. Valeggia
An owl monkey (Aotus azarae) in South America. Photo: C. Valeggia

A picture can paint a thousand words - however corny this sentence might sound, when it comes to getting attention in primate research, the saying is right on target. The DPZ Sponsorship Society has funded the DPZ Photo Award since 2015. Every year the DPZ invites its employees to visualize their association with the DPZ in the form of photographs. The 20 best pictures are exhibited at the DPZ and many of them are used for the DPZ calendar. Here are some of the best pictures of the past few years.

How to support the work of the DPZ

In order to fund our activities, we ask for your support in the form of a membership in our Society or for individual self-specified donations. Since the Sponsorship Society works non-profit, we are permitted to provide you with an appropriate receipt.

As a member of the Sponsorship Society:
You support the DPZ ideally as well as financially.

  • With your annual contribution of at least 10, - Euro you support young scientists at the Institute.
  • You finance projects that help primate research, conservation, animal welfare and health research.
  • You contribute to the research for humans and the environment.

What are the rewards for you?

  • Every Christmas you will receive the DPZ wall calendar.
  • You will receive our magazine, "DPZ aktuell" that informs you of the latest development and activities at the institute.
  • We will provide you with brochures, invitations to conferences, particularly the ceremony for the Sponsorship Award and symposia, as well as invitations to all public events at the DPZ.

Here you will find the by-law (in German only).

Become a member

With a one-time donation
You will support the research of young scientists at the DPZ with your one-time donation, which also includes the option to determine the project on which the money is spent. We would be glad to provide you with the corresponding receipt for your donation.

Make a donation

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Promote research as a part of your legacy

PhD student Iris Dröscher while doing field work in Madagaskar. Image: Hajarimanitra Rambeloarivony
PhD student Iris Dröscher while doing field work in Madagaskar. Photo: Hajarimanitra Rambeloarivony

With a bequest in favor of the Sponsorship Society you will support the research projects of our young scientists and help the DPZ to maintain excellent working conditions and high standards in research and animal welfare. Perhaps your donation will foster a particularly courageous project that turns out to be groundbreaking for the welfare of humans or animals. Please contact us for information on this matter.


Prof. Dr. Eberhard Fuchs

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Fuchs Chairman +49 551 3851-130 Contact

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürg Kuhn 1st Deputy Chairman Contact

Dr. Thomas Ziegler

Dr. Thomas Ziegler 2nd Deputy Chairman +49 551 3851-135 Contact

Ass. jur. Michael Lankeit

Ass. jur. Michael Lankeit Secretary +49 551 3851-114 +49 551 3851-183 Contact

DPZ Sponsorship Society
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