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The German Primate Center cooperates with numerous partners: Internationally it is involved in research projects at its field stations in the tropics; on the European scale its scientists form networks like the EUPRIM-Net with other primate research institutions and nationally the German Primate Center cooperates with other Leibniz institutes.

A crucial instrument of networking within the Leibniz-Association are research-cooperations, focussing on bundling and positioning the different competences and potentials within certain research fields more precisely. The DPZ is member of the Leibniz-research cooperations "Biodiversity", "Healthy Aging", "Medical Technologies" and "Medical Agents and Biotechnologies". These research cooperations are intended to work for a span of five to 15 years and are open for cooperations with Universities, other independent research- and infrastructural institutions and foreign research groups.

The DPZ coordinated EUPRIM-Net project, combines the expertise and infrastructure of institutions, in order to form an effective network. In this way, biological and biomedical basic and applied research as well as the breeding and husbandry of primates can be improved.

Locally, the DPZ's scientists work in close cooperation with the University of Göttingen and other regional institutes. The Institute is part of the Göttingen Campus and the German Center for Cardiovascular Research.