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Information Technology

The staff unit Information Technology provides the IT infrastructure at the German Primate Center and is responsible for it's availability.

This includes the administration of clients, server and networks, the development and upgrading of existing IT systems as well as the conceptual and technical implementation of new requirements. These services are provided to the scientific units, the administration office and other staff units. The many different tasks of the German Primate Center are reflected by the heterogeneous client-server infrastructure.

The staff unit Information Technology supports trainees and offers training for apprentices as qualified IT specialists for systems integration.

Staff Members / Kontakt


Lars Washausen +49 551 3851-435 E-Mail

Staff Members

Kolja Heerdt +49 551 3851-412 E-Mail
Fabian Kress +49 551 3851-0 E-Mail
Daniel Reckel +49 551 3851-306 E-Mail
Tom Schwarz +49 551 3851-136 E-Mail


Lars Washausen

Lars Washausen Chief Information Officer +49 551 3851-435 Contact Profile

Daniel Reckel

Daniel Reckel Deputy Head Information Technology +49 551 3851-306 Contact