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The section Infection Research researches viruses like HIV, influenza (flu) and ebola and newly emerging viruses. Additionally, illnesses caused by bacteria and parasites are investigated.
The section Neuroscience researches the basics of cognitive performance in the central nervous system and neurodegenerative illnesses as well as control of movements and the visual perception.
Research in the section Organismic Primate Biology is focussed on evolutionary basics of social and mating systems, ecology, vocal communication, biology of stem cells, and genetics in primates.


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Virtual tour around the DPZ

Aerial view of the DPZ. Photo: Stefan Rampfel

Let DPZ scientists explain their working environment to you and take a look at the laboratories of the various research fields. In the outdoor facilities you can get to know our monkeys and get an idea of the husbandry conditions.

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Quiz: How our closest relatives communicate

A barbary macaque (Macaca sylvanus). Photo: DPZ

What does a titi monkey sound like in the South American rainforest, which primates are known for their morning duet songs and which type of lemur can vocalize its own name? Find out with our monkey vocalization quiz

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Dr. Ariana Strandburg-Peshkin University of Konstanz Communication and Collective Movement Group

Communication and collective behavior in animal societies

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