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The section Infection Research researches viruses like HIV, influenza (flu) and ebola and newly emerging viruses. Additionally, illnesses caused by bacteria and parasites are investigated.
The section Neuroscience researches the basics of cognitive performance in the central nervous system and neurodegenerative illnesses as well as control of movements and the visual perception.
Research in the section Organismic Primate Biology is focussed on evolutionary basics of social and mating systems, ecology, vocal communication, biology of stem cells, and genetics in primates.
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Virtual tour around the DPZ

Aerial view of the DPZ. Photo: Stefan Rampfel

Let DPZ scientists explain their working environment to you and take a look at the laboratories of the various research fields. In the outdoor facilities you can get to know our monkeys and get an idea of the husbandry conditions.

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Reconstruction baboon and lemur plant

South, west and east view of the planned building. Figure: Sascha Bindseil

The new animal enclosures at DPZ will be flexible, spacious, and modern. A camera provides up-to-date photos and time lapse video of the construction site. 

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What do you know about primates?

Gray mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus). Photo: Uwe Zimmermann

Do you know the smallest primate in the world? What is the difference between New World and Old World monkeys and which fruit do the primates eat most at the DPZ? Find out and test your knowledge about our closest relatives in our primate quiz

More quiz games can be found in our Info Center