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Info Center

In the info center you will find videos, images, information material and access to our primatological library as well as featured information on our research topics.

Navigate through our pages and find our database for press photos or the web catalogue of the DPZ library. Please do not hesitate to contact the communications unit if you have any further questions!

Media Center

In the media center of the DPZ we provide you with press pictures and videos as well as printed information material in pdf format to download. 

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In the library of the DPZ you will find literature with a primary focus on primatology as well as veterinary medicine, infection research and neuroscience.

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The info field "knowledge" contains features on several research topics of the DPZ and subjects related to the research. Learn more about HIV, neuroprostheses and animal experimental research with non-human primates.

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Visit the DPZ

Here you will find more information about the guided tours. We offer guided tours for school classes (from the 10th grade on) and other groups of at least 10 persons (minimum age: 15 years).

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Find out more about the diversity of monkeys while playing memory.

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Aerial view of the DPZ. Photo: Stefan Rampfel

Virtual Tours

How do scientists work at the DPZ and what do they explore? Which primate species live in the DPZ and what do the enclosures look like? What makes primates so fascinating for us? Learn more about the DPZ and the primates in three interactive tours!

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Photo Gallery

Here you will find photo galleries of the photo contest, primates and events at the DPZ. 

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