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Working at the DPZ

Job and Family

Materialien zu Beruf und Familie

The German Primate Center has greatly improved the conditions for employees with families and was consequently awarded the certificate berufundfamilie by the federal ministry for family affairs in November 2010. This included the obligation to further boost the efforts to provide good conditions for the combination of family and work and also regularly document these efforts. The non-profit organization berufundfamilie gGmbH was founded by the Hertie Stiftung and supports the DPZ actively in our aim to faciliate and improve equal opportunities and the reconciliation of work and family life. The obligation to support this compatibility is a binding component of the management task for all managers at the DPZ.

Childcare room at the DPZ

The German Primate Center is proud to announce the presence of a furnished childcare room since mid-2015 at our institute. The room is equipped for the care of both younger and older children. In addition to a crib, playpen and changing table we also provide you with a selection of toys and books. More information on the childcare room

Sports at the University of Göttingen

Activities for children of co-workers during the school holidays

In cooperation with the University of Göttingen University Sports, the DPZ offers childcare places for children of DPZ-employees during the summer holidays. The DPZ will subsidize each child for two weeks. For further information, please contact Simone Lüert sluert(at)

Courses for Managers

The University of Göttingen offers a variety of training courses for those in leading positions where the compatibility of management and family aspects is dealt with. Here, you will find the offers for
the training program of the University of Göttingen


Andrea Backhaus

Andrea Backhaus Head of Human Resources +49 551 3851-105 +49 551 3851-303 Contact

Flyer "work and family"

Work and family since 2010

The DPZ has received the certificate "work and family" in November 2010. Logo: Berufundfamilie gGmbH.