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Sustainability at the DPZ

The German Primate Center - Leibniz Institute for Primate Research aims to use all used resources in a sustainable manner. The sustainability concept is to essentially focus on reducing CO2 emissions at the DPZ. In so doing, processes are to be analyzed and optimized and operational efficiency increased from the sustainability point of view. On this page, we provide information about our goals and their progress in implementation.

In order to develop concrete goals and measures and to involve all employees, we held a Climate Conservation Day at the German Primate Center on September 16th 2021.

Dr Katharina Peters, administrative director of the DPZ, on the plans to make our work more resource-efficient and the Climate Day 202, as the kick-off of our efforts.

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Strom einsparen und selbst erzeugen

Purchasing Unit acquires climate-neutral FFP2 masks

Wild visitors in the biotope

Deutsches Primatenzentrum veranstaltet institutsweiten Klimatag


Dr. Katharina Peters Administrative Manager +49 551 3851-114 Contact

Dr. Gerrit Hennecke

Dr. Gerrit Hennecke Assistant to the Management +49 551 3851-120 +49 551 3851-452 Contact