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The German Primate Center GmbH has two management boards. They manage the institute in accordance with the legal provisions applicable to the company, the articles of association and the resolutions of the shareholders' meeting and the Supervisory Board.

  • The scientific managing director has the official title "director". He represents the institute and conducts the day-to-day business in the scientific field. In coordination with the Supervisory Board and the Scientific Advisory Board, he determines the scientific orientation of the institute. In order to carry out the research program, the Director coordinates the work of the departments or the corresponding organizational units. Stefan Treue has been Director of the DPZ since 2001.
  • The administrative managing director is responsible for designing the administrative, organizational and infrastructural framework for the successful scientific achievements at the institute. Katharina Peters has been the administrative managing director at the DPZ since July 1, 2020.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue Director +49 551 3851-116 +49 551 3851-452 Contact

Dr. Katharina Peters Administrative Manager +49 551 3851-114 Contact

Claudia Gheran (on parental leave) Team Assistant/Travel Cost Center +49 551 3851-116 +49 551 3851-183 Contact

Nandita Vinay Isloorkar Team Assistant/Travel Cost Center +49 551 3851-116 +49 551 3851-183 Contact

Jasna Jurkic Team Assistant/Travel Cost Center +49 551 3851-111 +49 551 3851-183 Contact