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The German Primate Center is led by two directors. They manage the institute in accordance with the guidelines of the Leibniz Association and within the legal framework of public contracts and the Supervisory Board.

  • The scientific director is called "director". He is representing the institute and is responsible for scientific issues. He works in close cooperation with the governing board and the scientific advisory board and is responsible for the scientific leadership of the institute. He coordinates the work of the different research units.

  • The administrative director is responsible for the organization of the commercial interests as well as the legal and administrative issues.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue

Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue Director +49 551 3851-116 +49 551 3851-452 Contact

Ass. jur. Michael Lankeit

Ass. jur. Michael Lankeit Administrative Director +49 551 3851-114 Contact

Saskia Stude Secretary of Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue +49 551 3851-116 +49-551-3851-183 Contact

Christiane Grelle Secretary of Ass. jur. Michael Lankeit +49 551 3851-111 +49-551-3851-183 Contact