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Here you can find current news from the DPZ categorized by different focuses which will help you search our websites.

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Since the DPZ has so many facets, we can constantly present a lot of different news. Our scientists permanently publish new results, there are building plans to explain or interesting events to be announced, which may often be open to the public. Inform yourself about the DPZ and find out, which news are the most interesting for you. 
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Pressemitteilung des DPZ

Press Releases

We regularly publish press releases presenting the newest scientific results of our researchers, news about current investments, plans for the construction of new facilities or events in the institute, which are open to the public. Depending on the topics of the press releases we also publish a part of them in english.
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We offer a variety of regularly organized events, for example the DPZ-colloquium, which presents talks on current research from all our sections, or seminars of the EUPRIM-Net, for both employees of the network's institutes but also for researchers, animal keepers and veterinarians based at other institutes. You can find upcoming events in our online calendar. 
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The DPZ Promotion Association annually awards succesfull scientists with the DPZ sponsorship prize. Every Ph.D-graduate, who researched with the help of or about non-human primates, can apply for the prize. Precondition is that they have published their Ph.D-thesis in the past year in Germany. 
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Addisu Mekonnen Department of Zoological Sciences, College of Natural Sciences, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia AND PhD candidate, Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, Dep of Biosciences, University of Oslo, Norway

Behavioural ecology and conservation biology of Bale monkeys in the Southern Ethiopian Highlands


joint colloquium CBL and DPZ

Prof. Mike Bruford Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff, UK

Genes, species and ecosystem services: do we have the tools to pursue the paradigm?